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Our Product Offering

We take great care to stock high-quality tires from both national and international manufacturers to make sure that no matter what you drive, you find exactly the right tires for your unique needs and budget.

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BFGoodrich® got its start as the first rubber company in the United States. In the decades since, they’ve proven themselves to be one of the top tire innovators, always focusing on providing customers with the same high-quality craftsmanship that has defined the brand for more than a century.


Blacklion is now Blackhawk Tires. Blackhawk Tire is a subdivision of Sailun Group, an international tire organization that focuses on R&D and technological innovation. Their engineers have been directly involved in the definition and revision of certain industry standards across the globe, helping to refine and perfect their product offerings so that they can continue to wow consumers in markets across the world with new designs and increased performance.


By focusing on advanced tire technologies, Continental has continued to stay at the helm of innovation and performance. As one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, Continental is able to offer drivers of all makes and models a wide selection to choose from when it comes to picking new tires for their vehicles.

Cooper Tires

By always providing “good merchandise, fair play, and a square deal” to consumers, Cooper Tires continues to be one of the leading tire companies in the United States. Their dedication to technology and innovation allows them to constantly improve their tire designs, bringing increased safety and savings to vehicle owners of all types.


Since their start in1983, the bright minds over at Falken Tires have done everything in their power to continue to improve their ultra-high-performance products. Now, over 35 years later, they’ve solidified themselves as a top provider of high-quality, long-lasting tires to the international tire industry.

General Tire

General Tire is a subsidiary of Continental, who have earned their reputation as one of the most reliable producers of tires in the industry. Thanks to their strict focus on innovation and testing, General has quickly arisen to take its own place at the top of the international market for high-quality tires.


As one of the world’s largest tire manufacturers, Kumho has more than 60 years of history immersed in an innovative approach to product development, market expansion, technical progression, and environmental awareness. Kumho is dedicated to providing an exceptional driving experience.


Mastercraft is a subsidiary of Cooper that manufactures some of the world’s top-rated passenger, light truck, and SUV tires. Their top-of-the-line tires are designed and built to help drivers “master the road” and provide vehicle owners with tremendous levels of control and increased performance.


MICHELIN® has come a long way since the company’s inception in 1950. Today, they are the world’s single largest manufacturer of tires and are responsible for setting industry standards for design, quality, and performance. As the pioneers of the radial passenger tire, they’re the only tire producer to consecutively win at least one J.D. Power & Associates Award every year since the organization first started conducting its surveys


Quality and reliability are the driving force behind the Mitas brand. Mitas aims to keep our customers satisfied and help them keep pace with the dynamic world of tires for farm, construction, motocycles, bicycles, aircraft and trucks.


Do the research and you will find NEXEN has the industry’s best warranty. Their unmatched warranty is designed for our customers – to protect the value of your purchase, provide assurance when hazards occur and free them from worry. Their warranty is a promise that customers will reach their destination safely while enjoying a smooth comfortable ride.

Nokian Tyres

As the “northernmost tire manufacturer in the world” it’s no secret that Nokian is one of the leading innovators of winter tires in the global market. Their state-of-the-art testing facility allows them to stand at the forefront of development and enables them to continuously push the boundaries of new tire technologies.


Pirelli is a name that has long been associated with innovation. The well-known tire manufacturer has earned a reputation for their willingness to repeatedly push the boundaries of technology, style, and sustainability. In the global tire industry, Pirelli isn’t afraid to be a bit of a trend-setter. They are constantly testing and improving new designs to stay on the cutting edge of tire technology.


Predator Tires aims to give off-road enthusiasts aggressive sizes, distinguished styling, and uncompromising performance. Whether it’s impressing other truck aficionados on the highway with large diameter low-profile off-road tires that exhibit excellent on-road manners or the outdoor adventurers relying on meaty, knobby rubbers that allow them to explore father in the rugged backcountry, Predator Tires has the perfect set of tires that will meet their performance expectations.

Radar Tires

Radar Tires is an international tire brand that serves as the flagship for Omni United, a Singapore-based company that focuses on “constantly seeking new ways to provide the best value by combining form and function.” When it comes to offering a vast array of tires, Radar Tires does so by producing tires that are made for all seasons and applications as well as different types of vehicles that cater to different driving styles and requirements.


By prioritizing innovation and the development of new tire technology, Toyo has solidified itself as one of the top tire brands in the world. They offer everything from reliable all-season passenger tires to high-end performance tires, which is why we are more than happy to keep a stock of multiple types of Toyo tires for you to choose from.


Trelleborg continuously innovates exploiting cutting edge technology to anticipate customers needs and face new market challenges. Explore Trelleborg’s selection of trusted, quality products and discover our solutions that will help you grow your business.


Uniroyal® got its start as the United States Rubber Company in 1892. Over 120 years later, it’s clear that they’ve earned their place amongst the other tire giants. Though their designs have evolved with time, Uniroyal has made it their mission to stay true to their original goal of providing everyday drivers with tires that are both affordable and reliable. Today, their iconic Tiger Paw® tire line comes as stock equipment on several domestic vehicles.


Yokohama designs and manufactures tires across a wide range of applications for a multitude of different vehicles and types of equipment. They produce tires for everything from passenger vehicles and light trucks to construction equipment and other heavy-duty/industrial vehicles. Regardless of whether you’re looking for high-performance all-terrain, all-season tires, or something more specialized, Yokohama has a tire line for you.


Ammex Corporation is an international producer and supplier of heavy-duty, disposable gloves. Their high-visibility colors are great for working in dark spaces like under the hood or below the undercarriage of a car, while the raised texture of their gloves provide us with extra grip we need to get the job done, even when they’re wet.

AME Intl.

When it comes to manufacturing high-quality tire service tools, few organizations stand out more than AME. They produce everything from jack stands to bead breakers and have made a name for themselves by focusing on designing tools for fast and effective service.

Breeze Hoseclamps

Hose clamps are small yet vital components of every vehicle. Even though they’re generally small and inexpensive, we don’t underestimate the importance of quality hose clamps. The stainless steel clamps we get from Breeze Corporation are both reliable and affordable.

Dill Air Controls Products

As a tire dealer, we require a decent amount of specialized equipment in order to serve our customers. We’re not ashamed to say we wouldn’t be able to do our jobs without Dill’s products. They provide us with all sorts of hardware, including gauges, valves, and other tire tools that we use on a daily basis in our shop.


Eppco Enterprises is another major manufacturer and distributor of gloves that we like here at Atlantic Tire. Their standard latex and nitrile gloves help us keep our hands clean so our customers don’t have to worry about us accidentally leaving any dirty fingerprints or grease stains behind when we service their vehicles.


ESCO specializes in the manufacture of tire service equipment for a multitude of different markets. The heavy-duty equipment and tire tools that they provide us with are crucial to our operation and enable us to continue to serve our customers in a timely manner.

Haltec Corporation

Haltec develops and manufactures heavy-duty tire valves and other hardware that we depend on. With rigorous, well-documented standards in place for their work and certification processes, they are able to continuously go above and beyond international standards when it comes to quality. This dedication to quality is what makes them one of our most trusted partners.


When it comes to preventing tire punctures, we trust IMI for all of our tire sealants. IMI specializes in the production of industrial-grade sealant that seals nearly twice as many punctures as its competitors. They’re also the only producers of a glycol-free sealant in the market.


Ken-Tool has been providing tire dealers and auto shops with top-of-the-line tire tools for the last 100 years. Their commitment to delivering defect-free products to their customers has allowed them to earn a name for themselves as a trusted source for everything from tire inflation cages to tire irons.


No tire shop would be complete without the ability to perform extensive tire repairs, which is why we rely on Kex in order to successfully service tires of all types and sizes. Their tire repair equipment is manufactured to the highest of standards so that anyone who uses their products can rest assured that the vehicles they service are safe on the road.

Martins Industries

Properly inflating tires can be dangerous for anyone in the immediate vicinity. That’s why OSHA requires tire shops to use a restraining device called a tire cage when inflating any tire with a multi-piece rim. Martins Industries manufactures tire cages to safely contain these types of tires should they explode during inflation.

Perfect Equipment

One of Wegmann Automotive’s brands, Perfect Equipment focuses on manufacturing high-quality wheel weights that come coated in a special blend that helps protect against corrosion and impacts. We use their wheel weights to aid us in our wheel balancing services.

Specialty Products

Specialty Products Company is one of the leading manufacturers of tire alignment tools in the industry. Their commitment to constantly testing their designs is what allows them to continue to deliver premium alignment solutions to tire dealers like us all over the nation.